The first democratically elected Maldivian government was forced out at gunpoint on 7 February 2012 by elements in the military and opposition. An illegitimate government was sworn in right after the coup, replacing President Mohamed Nasheed with his Vice President Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik. Violent crackdowns have begun, imposing an atmosphere of fear and repression. This is a call for the restoration of democratic order through immediate elections.


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Election 2013

Dhivehi Sitee
2013 Election Watch

Minivan News
Maldives Decides 2013

Haveeru News
Presidential Election 2013

A voter education campaign


Gasim Ibrahim / JP Jumhooree Party
Jumhooree Coalition, Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) & Adhaalath Party (AP)
Jumhooree Manifesto Posters

Mohamed Waheed / GIP  Gaumee Ithihaad Party
GIP Manifesto

Yameen Abdul Gayoom / PPM Progressive Party of Maldives
PPM Manifesto

Mohamed Nasheed / MDP
Maldivian Democratic Party
MDP Manifesto

Election Photos

Raeesnasheed2013 by Dying Regime

Colours of September 7 by Shaari Ali

MDP Final Rally - 5th Sept 2013 by Team #FatTuna


Anehdhivehiraajje #ehburun Campaign toolkit
All artwork on this website are being made available for supporters of Maldivian Democratic Party for using to promote the Maldivian Democratic Party. All the files provided are editable with common desktop publishing software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Coreldraw & Inkscape. To submit your artwork or for more information please contact us at toolkit@raeesnasheed2013.com

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Download links to print ready PDF files:

VOTE to restore order and stop police brutality logo editable artwork, can be used for making material, printing t-shirts etc.

Social Media Avatars in Red, Green and White (.jpg)

Police Brutality Placards
A2 size

Poster, Police State with a Human Face (two-sided)
A3 size Bi-Lingual made for March 15th International Day Against Police Brutality

Dhivehi Coup Timeline Booklet




From Dictatorship to Democracy by Gene Sharp (Dhivehi Translation)

Download PDF:
Timeline (English)
Timeline (Dhivehi)

A LEGACY OF AUTHORITARIANISM – A Dossier on the Maldivian Judiciary

Aslam-Ameen Report

Naakaamiyaabuvi Himeyn Baghaavaaiy. Gaiy Birun Negee Badi – Velezine Aishath

The Failed Silent Coup: in defeat they reached for the gun – Velezine Aishath (Eng translation by Azra Naseem)

The Nexus of Evil – The Perpetrators of the Coup

Amnesty International – Maldives: The other side of paradise: A human rights crisis in the Maldives

FIDH – From sunrise to sunset: Maldives backtracking on democracy

FOM – Maldives Documents

Maldives Committee of National Inquiry (CoNI) Report and Responses – Maldives Culture



8th February 2012 – Violence

Anhenunge Aah Rooheh – The Birth of a New Women’s Movement in the Maldives 2012

The Birth of a New Women’s Movement in the Maldives 2012 (English) – Anhenunge Aah Rooheh

Vote to Restore Order and Stop Police Brutality (English)

Vote to Restore Order and Stop Police Brutality (Int’l Day Against Police Brutality 15 March 2012)

Waheedhuge Bagaavaai (updated) – Coup d’état in the Maldives 2012

Photo Archive

Archive 01

Archive 02

Police Brutality



Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) Concluding Statement

CMAG reiterated its belief that early elections should be called by the end of 2012 in Maldives.

Statement on Maldives by Acting Chair of CMAG

CMAG continued to be strongly of the view that the earliest possible expression of the will of the people was required to establish universal faith in the legitimacy of those who govern the country. The Group therefore expressed disappointment and deep concern at the lack of progress achieved so far through the All-Party Talks process to arrive at a political settlement in Maldives that would enable the holding of early elections in the current calendar year, as expected by the Group. It urged all parties to engage in dialogue without delay, in earnest and in good faith with a view to achieving agreement on the date of early elections, and the processes required to do so, including any necessary constitutional amendments and supporting legislation.

Press Release: Maldives security forces use violence against peaceful protesters
Amnesty International

Maldives police and military forces responded with violence against a peaceful rally backing the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), Amnesty International documented in the Maldives today, violating international standards against the use of excessive force.

Press Release: Maldives must avoid persecution of ousted Government
Amnesty International

The new authorities in the Maldives must avoid persecuting members of outgoing president Mohammed Nasheed’s political party, Amnesty International said today, after Mr Nasheed resigned following a police mutiny in the country.

Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group Concluding Statement

The Group further agreed that, in situations where a member of CMAG was under scrutiny by the Group itself, its CMAG membership should be placed in abeyance as long as it remained on the formal agenda of CMAG. It decided, accordingly, that Maldives should not participate in CMAG during this time.

Statement by EU on the situation in the Maldives
European Union

The EU further calls on all political parties to immediately engage in dialogue, to commit themselves to early presidential elections and to determine the legislative and constitutional measures required to ensure that these are free and fair.

Statement by EU Heads of Mission in Colombo
European Union

EU HoMs note with concern ongoing political tensions and urge all sides to exercise restraint. There must be an end to violence and no political retribution. In this regard we note the large political rally being planned for Friday 17 February, and urge all sides to do everything possible to ensure that this takes place in a peaceful and lawful manner. Acts of provocation on the part of participants or the use of excessive force by law enforcement agencies would be completely unacceptable at this point.

Press Release: IPU Sends urgent mission to the Maldives
Inter-Parliamentary Union

The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) is following recent developments in the Maldives with mounting concern and is sending an urgent mission to the country. IPU President, Abdulwahad Radi, called for calm. “The crisis can only be solved through inclusive political dialogue.  It is essential that an atmosphere of non-violence, restraint and read more…

CMAG statement on Maldives
Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG)

Extraordinary Teleconference of the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) Statement by the Chair on behalf of CMAG 1. The Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) held an extraordinary meeting by teleconference to consider the situation in the Republic of Maldives. The meeting was convened by the Commonwealth Secretary-General, Kamalesh Sharma, and read more…

Press Release: Maldives security forces must stop using violence against supporters of Mohamed Nasheed
Amnesty International

AI Index: PRE01/068/2012 Maldives security forces must stop using violence against supporters of Mohamed Nasheed’s Maldivian Democratic Party, a day after he was forced to resign the presidency under the threat of violence by the military and police, Amnesty International said. Eyewitnesses told Amnesty International that Nasheed and a large read more…

News (archived)

Ousted Maldives president’s call for elections amid violence after coup
The Telegraph

Umar Naseer, Interim Deputy Leader of PPM “BRAGS” of His Involvement in the Coup…
Unofficial Translation of the article on Haveeru.com.mv

The Maldives Reverting to type
The Economist

Maldives’ Former Leader Calls for Early Elections
The New York Times

The Dregs of Dictatorship
The New York Times

‘Mandela of the Maldives’ forced out by police coup
The Independent

Blogs (Archived)

MDP – Bigger than Jungle

How Do You Solve a Problem Like MPS?

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Flowing blood
Silent Finger

The Island President
Louis Proyect

I am a woman too!
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Response to an open letter to Endhimariyambu

Hotmail (hotmail@hotmail.com) submitted:
sequential (k)nots

an open letter to endhimariyambu
sequential (k)nots

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